When we decided to take on this very special antiques market there were many questions and challenges that had to be sorted out. What to name it, however, was never a question.

Aidan Clay Bittner was our youngest son who passed from this life far too soon but whose spirit charges onward still touching our lives and those who knew him. Using his initials as the name of this unique market that contains so many one of a kind offerings from so many different folks is a living tribute keeping his name on our lips.

Photo of Aidan in front of piano.
Aidan Clay Bittner

People strive, suffer, work themselves to death and get depressed trying to be like everyone else.

You are meant to be unique.
You’re meant to be different.
Be who you are meant to be.

Aidan Clay Bittner


In Aidan’s own words he grew up “a Scottish-American, highland dancing, baseball playing, cowboy boot wearing, well dressed, piano playing, Sinatra singing ,homeschooled, Christian kid.” He passed away on the first day of winter 2020, marked by the Star of Bethlehem in the night’s sky, surrounded by his loving family and his fiance’ Rachel.

Aidan will always be remembered by all who knew him for his energy, his infectious smile and, of course, that voice. Aidan knew no strangers. He filled any room with light and often with music. He was an accomplished highland dancer, a skilled pianist, aspiring song writer and a swooner of many a lass, both young and old, with a voice that was destined to duet someday soon with Michael Buble’ himself. Aidan was a faithful Christian, loving son and grandson, and although he was born in Scotland, he was an American patriot through and through.

All of our lives have been made more full by having him here and his final gift to all who loved him was ensuring that our memories of him will forever bring more laughter than tears.